I envy

Once I watched the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There are impressive scene I can’t forget. A scientist said to the main charactor when going into UFO, “I envy.” I remember I had the same feeling like him.

 I have recently watched some ‘two chinese boys’ video clips in the youthtube.com. They pretend to sing songs without voice and to show funny body and facial movements. This artistic expression goes effective with help of the sound of each music. It seems to me that they enjoy showing their uniqueness very much. How about Japanese? Do we have the strong desire to seek for our own strength?

 In Japan, for example it would seem that legal rights related to copy rights keep innovators of artstic expression from creating another arts. These rights might be justified in the position of the original source. However does it always cause sound effects on the whole society in terms of innovation?, if rules protected these rights so much.

 Predeccesors built path on the ground and successors follow it. But let’s take another idea about this relationship. Predeccesors build path for their offsprings to build better society and so they give up their shares for future benefits beyond their lifetime.

 For now it can’t be avoided to envy ‘two chinese boys’ clips with a sigh



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